Despite Diomansy Kamara’s public proclaimations that he won’t be leaving Fulham, his agent Willy McKay obviously still hasn’t given up on the prospect of making a nice little earner out of a summer transfer.

McKay first came to prominence as Papa Bouba Diop’s agent when he succeeded in persuading a player who seemed happy at Craven Cottage to move to Portsmouth. The Scot obviously fancies trying to earn a better contract for his player and take a nice slice of the wage increase or shift his man onto one of his mates at another club.

The quotes seem to indicate that he’s still touting Kamara around. Personally, I’d value Kamara at far higher than the meagre £3m McKay is quoting.

Diomansy has instructed me to find him a club in the UK. There has been interest from the likes of Roma, Bordeaux, St Etienne and Malaga, but Diomansy has turned them down as he wants to stay in the UK.

I believe the price Fulham want for Diomansy is £3million and I think that is a bargain price for someone of Diomansy’s calibre and for someone who can play anywhere on both sides out wide and also down the middle.

McKay might want to rethink his PR, too – as useful as Kamara is up front and on the left, I wouldn’t like him on the right flank in my team.

I’ve also got my doubts about whether Kamara really has asked his agent to find him a new club, considering what the Senegal forward said last week:

 I want to be in the team, the manager wants me 100 per cent, nothing else. I owe a big season to Fulham.