Some interesting quotes on Eurosport from Roy Hodgson that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

While delighted that Fulham have qualified for the group stages of the Europa League, Hodgson insists that the league remains our first priority. Whilst I was desperate for us to make this stage and take the competition as seriously as we can, it’s only sensible that now Europe comes second to the bread and butter. It will be interesting to see how Hodgson juggles his resources for these extra six games.

The line about Al-Fayed’s generousity suggests that Roy’s a lot happier with his squad now than he was two weeks ago.

We won’t give it (the Europa League) priority, that’s for sure. The priority for teams like ourselves is always going to be survival in the Premier League.

But, on the other hand, thanks to the chairman generously allowing me to bring in some more players, we do now have a squad of players, I think, who are capable, as we saw, of representing the club and doing a good job for the club.

If people are now expecting me to play three times a week with the same XI then that will be a mistake. That won’t be happening. We will be changing players and we will be resting players and we will be using other players.