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Roy Hodgson revealed he expects the loan deal to bring Jonathan Greening to Fulham to be finalised today.

The West Brom midfielder has passed his medical at the London club, but Hodgson said a few details needed to ironed out before the one-year deal could be finalised.

“He (Greening) has had his medical but at the moment but there are some negotiations carrying on with his agent and the chief executive (Alistair Mackintosh) so I don’t know exactly where they are on that. They are meeting now so I’m presuming that everything will be sorted out regarding the player’s contract and the agent’s fees.

We’ll train tomorrow morning and the deadline (to register Greening for Sunday’s game against Chelsea) is tonight so I think we have a few hours yet. Alistair certainly knows that if he gets everything sorted out with the paperwork and the agent’s fees we’ll be trying to register him in time for the game.”