Jonathan Greening

is desperate to join Fulham.

The West Brom midfielder had pinned his hopes on a move to west London, but talks broke down more than a fortnight ago.

Albion have turned down three offers from Fulham for the 30-year-old playmaker – with chairman Jeremy Peace even branding Whites’ latest offer of £4million ‘derisory’.

Now Greening is hoping his club will see sense and allow him to return to the Premiership with the Whites.

A close friend admitted he was hoping one of the two clubs would pick up the phone and start again.

The source said: “Jonathan thinks £4m is more than enough for a 30-year-old, and he’s less than pleased Albion think they can hold out for more.

“The move appeals to him, not least because it means he gets to stay in the Premiership with a club who look as if they’re going to be a fixture there for a while.”

The smart guess is that Peace wants a second killing on the back of the £6m he pocketed for striker Diomansy Kamara two years ago.

The feeling back then was that Fulham paid over the odds for the Senegalese striker – and Albion are hoping the Whites’ shortage of midfielders will see them capitulate again.

A Fulham insider reckoned Peace should think again.

“The original offer was twice improved, and the offer fairly reflected a price for someone of his age,” said the source.