After having read through a number of match reports from last night there are two things that stands out – the injury of AJ and the, to me, very low attendance. We are very likely to get regular updates regarding AJ over the next hours and days, might even see another striker signed if the injury is as serious as it sounds.

What concerns me more is the low attendance!

It has been said that our true support is around 12,000-15,000 people (that would attend games), but I have never seen any research to actually back this up. Do we really have a near 45% part of the ground on premiership match days filled with neutrals and tourists (including away support of course)?

That our fan base grew extremely quick during the rise through the divisions is no secret and anyone who visit Craven Cottage will bump into the odd “football tourist” too, but the feeling is that we must have more loyal fans than the 13,029 that watched the game last night. Of course the numbers of visiting fans must have been at a minimum considering factors such as visas, cost, midweek and not to forget the time involved in travelling.

The thing that surprises me the most is that we haven’t been playing in Europe for 7 seasons and regularly ever in our clubs history. Sure, this was the second qualifying game so far, but the first one didn’t lure more than 15, 016 people to the Cottage.

What is up with this? Is this a reflection of our true support? Are we so spoiled that despite being an international game as long as the opposition isn’t a “big name” club we stay at home? Well, I don’t know, but would be curious to hear your theories.