Everybody’s favourite former Fulham manager might be turning up north of the border soon.

Confirming what we all already knew, Sanchez says he’s interested in managing Motherwell, who would be smart to decline his kind offer.

I’m looking to get back into the game so, yes, it would interest me. I’ve been out of the game for over a year now and the time is right to get back in. I am on the lookout for a fresh challenge.

While Sanchez did have a terrible run of misfortune at the start of the 2007-2008 season, he proved horribly out of his depth in the Premier League. His baffling team selections and squandering of around £25m in the transfer market dragged us to the very brink of Championship football. Defensively, Fulham were woeful and it seemed to me that Sanchez’s strong suit – motivation – had deserted him just when he needed it most as we faced up to a relegation battle.