Harry Redknapp’s known for his wheeling and dealing. So, if we were to buy in bulk from White Hart Lane this summer, shouldn’t we ask for a discount?

The reason I ask is that this Daily Telegraph report implies that we are in for not one, not two but three Tottenham players this summer. We’ve long since been tipped to sign Jamie O’Hara – indeed, the rumour mill was so strong on this one at Christmas time I was surprised the boy didn’t arrive in January. A good, inventive player – O’Hara might be just what we need. Rich may well have to get over his problems with O’Hara’s girlfriend. Although, given her bed-hopping history, we might not have to worry about her for too long.

The other names are pretty predictable as well. Gareth Bale’s been linked with a move to Fulham for a while now, although his lack of Premier League wins is not the kind of lucky charm you want on your side. More seriously, he’s a clearly a very talented footballer who might just have lost his way at Spurs. Bale came in for at  a young age for an awful lot of money when he was still learning the game. He has candidly admitted that his defensive skills need a lot of work and might be a better option in midfield, where we are desperately short of naturally left-sided players.

Tom Huddlestone has been on Roy Hodgson’s radar for a while too if you believe the papers. He’s been hinting about finding more regular football, but got a few games in the second half of the season under Redknapp. Spurs prevented him from playing from the England U21s in the European Championships this summer to ensure that he recovered fully from a knee operation. We apparently failed with a bid in the new year and they will be plenty of other sides looking to take this promising talent off Tottenham’s hands. 

What’s the betting we end up with none of these three?