While Tranquillo Barnetta is keen on a move to England, our clubs don’t seem to be too wild about paying his way.

His agent Franco Moretti said:

Up until now nobody has asked about Tranquillo from England, there has been no interest from English clubs. To be honest, we have offers from other countries but no offers currently from any Premier League sides. No coaches have been in touch.

We have had some requests from other German sides, but if the right offer doesn’t come in he may stay one more year with Bayer Leverkusen because they are building a good team. But in England no club has enquired about him.

He was linked with Fulham and Arsenal but I know the coach (Roy Hodgson) very well and there has been no contact. He has never called me or asked about Barnetta. Equally Arsene Wenger, there has been no interest or phone call.