No, this isn’t a joke.

Apparently, the Europa League will trial an experiment next season with two extra officials placed behind the goal-line next season. Of course, this being UEFA, they have decided not to employ the technology that could help the men in the middle make the correct decisions, after refusing to use goal-line technology to check if a ball had crossed the line.

The scheme, devised by Michel Platini, has been tested in last year’s European Under-19 championships. FIFA president Sepp Blatter gave the idea his backing:

The International FA board decided ‘let’s have experiments with two additional assistant referees’ and we were looking where we can have such experiments. Now we have found a solution together with Michel Platini and Uefa.

Should make for some interesting European ties. Surely if the extra official has his view blocked by a diving goalkeeper or a defender on the line then his input is worthless?