Roy Hodgson says he’s far from finished with football after guiding Fulham into the Europa League.

I’ve seen several suggestions as the season’s gone on that Fulham might suffer in the long-term because Hodgson doesn’t seem to stay more than a couple of years in any job. The fact that he wants to continue in the game is no surprise to me – he’s only a few months older than Harry Redknapp and nobody questions whether he has lost any of his hunger – but I hope that Fulham won’t be casting around for his successor any time soon. As I’ve said before, I think Roy and Fulham are a lovely fit and we are certainly reaping the rewards for what many considered a surprise appointment.

Hodgson told the Daily Telegraph:

I don’t think this will be my last job. I’m older than I feel and older than I look. I can’t imagine stopping.

I don’t know where the next job will be. I don’t have unfulfilled dreams as I’ve been at World Cup finals and I’ve been at clubs like Inter, Blackburn and Fulham. I enjoy the work where I am.

My goal would be to keep healthy and have the same ambitions when it comes to working as people like Sir Alex and Sir Bobby (Robson), two friends of mine. I’d like to think there’ll be jobs out there even if this one disappeared.

Our club’s chequered history should remind us not to take anything for granted, but it would take quite a turn of events for Hodgson’s job to disappear. Let’s hope he can continue to confound the pundits for a few years yet.

Roy’s also happy to have been given the inagural Premier League Spirit Award. His fair-minded nature – I’ve yet to hear him berate an official or offer anything other than his considered view on the topics ventured in a press conference – means he’s the ideal selection.

It is something to be proud of, for the club as well. You embody a lot of things as a manager of a club. You hope your message is getting across to the players. They are also showing on the field the sort of qualities you expect at Fulham as human beings.

What we’ve tried to do is become a good team and win football matches. Along the way we’ve been recognised as a team that tries to do it in a correct manner.

Hodgson did have to settle for second place in the Manager of the Year category at tonight’s League Managers’ Association end of season dinner though. In their wisdom, the LMA selected David Moyes as the winner.