Fulham chief executive Alistair Mackintosh says he’s fully prepared for a busy summer in the transfer market as the club strive to strengthen their squad and build on an outstanding season.

Mackintosh said:

The most important thing is that we build on what we’ve got. “We’re focused on pushing the team forward and we’re looking for what we term ‘a Fulham player’.

During this season we’ve attacked and defended as a team and that’s been rather successful, so we want players that have the ability to do that.

We do, however, have a very thin squad. We decided at the start of the season that it would be healthy to reduce the numbers we had around the training ground, but to try and increase the quality.

We’ve run perhaps the smallest squad in the Premier League, yet still had some great results and perhaps with a little bit of luck as well, been relatively injury-free. We can’t, obviously, rely on that for next season so, if anything, I’d expect a small net increase in the size of the squad this summer.