Some nice quotes from Roy as we close in on a European place, but it’s clear that he’s got his feet on the ground by talking about the difficulty of repeating this remarkable feat next season.

It would mean a lot. We are all in agreement this has been a very good season for the club so already, we can give ourselves a little pat on the back because we have had a good season.

We have finished in the highest-ever position with the highest points total.

But if you actually made it into Europe, then you have got an even more tangible evidence of that success because you can say it was a very good season, so much so that we were among the seven best teams in the Premier League and we got into Europe on the back of it.

Of course, we will be quite anxious next week to try to get that victory, or possibly that point, which will see us in seventh place. Then we will have a few days where we will congratulate ourselves – and then we will probably turn grey overnight wondering how the hell we are going to repeat it next season.