Lovely stuff from our Roy on how well Fulham this season.

There’s a poem that compares fireflies and stars. Stars in the true sense of the word come out every night and stay there. You know where they are and can always find them, unlike the fireflies that burn brighter but last a day.

In that sense we have a lot of stars in this team. Simon Davies is a star because of the number of games he has played non-stop. He might not be a star in the sense of profile but I’ve worked with enough high-profile players and that doesn’t really impress me anymore.

What impresses me are good professionals who can do good job week in, week out. For me they’re the real stars.

Rich will be pleased. His command of statistics has showed that we’ve been at our strongest when we’ve got Davies involved. He might not have shone as brightly as he did last season, but he’s a fine footballer. The fact that he’s played through the pain barrier on more than once shows just how committed he is. Gera did a fine job on Saturday, but when he’s not there we miss the Welshman.

It’s no surprise to hear Hodgson rate his recovery job at Fulham as one of the best in his long career.

With five matches left to play last season we had 24 points which is incredible when you think at the same stage this season we had 44. This stands right up there with other good jobs I think I’ve done.