I’ve no idea why I just shortened Erik Nevland’s name – I just thought it sounded cool.

Nevland’s quotes about Hangeland are interesting, particularly as the pair have played together for so long.

You see that, when you play a team like Stoke, he is dominant in the air and that is important. And he can play football as well. He is a great player and important for this club.

He is one of the biggest players in Norway. He is the captain of the national team and has been playing for Norway for seven or eight years now. But he is a down-to-earth person, everyone likes him and he deserves all the success he gets.

He has done brillantly at Fulham. I speak to Brede every day. He enjoys it at Fulham so let’s hope he stays. We are from the same town and we played together before at Stavanger.

We go back a few years together and even joined at the same time in January last year. It is friends reunited.

I have more than two problems with the Daily Mail – but there are two problems with this story. One, Hangeland signed a three and a half year deal in 2008, which means he’s got a lot more than just a year to go on this contract. Two, didn’t the reporter even think about asking Erik about his own future?