The well-worth reading Paul Wilson nominates the Fulham manager for the Manager of the Year award on the Guardian website today. He makes the entirely sensible point that the PFA awards are distorted because of the problems of early voting, but carefully eliminates plenty of the choices for the managerial award before settling on Hodgson.

Here’s why:

The four managers who have unquestionably improved their sides are Brown, Steve Bruce, Tony Pulis and Roy Hodgson. The final positions depend on which clubs are relegated, though that should not affect the eventual winner. While Bruce has done a great job at Wigan, both for the club and his own managerial prospects, the real surprise of the season have been Fulham. Woy’s boys beat Fergie’s Hall of Famers, after all, and Wigan have never done that. Hodgson has done a magnificent job.

No argument from me.