The title might have you wondering.

Do I mean our standards or the team’s? Probably both. I can only apologise for the lack of updates since the United debacle. I promise it wasn’t me skulking around like a moody schoolboy and taking my ball home.

I’ve been without the internet at home for most of the last couple of weeks. The service is still patchy and that’s not ideal when you’re trying to keep up to date with a website that – judging by the email correspondence I’ve received since we’ve ‘gone dark’ – seems to have developed something of a following.

I’ve also been kept busy by a new project that I’ve just started having began a new internship in earnest this week. That internship was responsible for me turning up to Wednesday night’s game in a suit: something that probably won’t be repeated in a hurry. It wasn’t that I managed to send a pint of beer tumbling down my lovely shirt in the Brick but that that late Blackburn winner has me wondering about karma.

As far as the team goes, I think the last couple of games have been a reality check. Dickson Etuhu told my local newspaper tonight that talk of the UEFA Cup (as they were still lovingly quaintly calling it) is ‘unrealistic’. He’s probably right. We didn’t deserve to lose to Hull, got thumped by Manchester United and wilted alarmingly under a fierce Blackburn assault in the second half on Wednesday. The sad thing is I don’t have too much confidence in the boys putting things right at the Reebok tomorrow afternoon.

I hope you haven’t missed us during our break and I can only pledge to keep the updates coming as swiftly as possible as the season begins to draw to a close.