You could have guessed that Lawrie would have wanted a piece of the pie. I’m sure if he’s got a case – and neither is he – but then neither of us are lawyers.

He certainly can’t argue his dismissal was caused by AWest Ham staying up. He was given plenty of money by MAF, wasting a sizeable chunk and potential dooming his managerial career in the process.

I’m going to look at my contract and see if it did injustice me in some way, shape or form. If everyone else is sticking their nose in the trough then perhaps I need to have a look at it. As manager of the team, I must have lost out financially in some way.

If West Ham feel they got away with something and that paying £20m to Sheffield United is a way out of it, then I have no problem with anyone else who feels they were unjustly treated taking legal action.

The FA should have dealt with the situation better in the first place. “One good thing all this will do is make the FA stronger in their administration of the game. All of this is about the FA not being strong enough.