Roy Hodgson has his doubters but you should know by now that I’m not one of them.

He’s not usually one for sly little digs, either, but see if you can spot the thinly-veiled swipe he has at those people who chose to criticise both him and after his team after the two recent defeats against Manchester United.

So what are we? Are we a hopeless team who shouldn’t bother turning up or are we the team who did turn up and should have beaten Arsenal at the Emirates?

Well, I know where we are and that’s what matters.

The ‘shouldn’t turn up’ line is a reference to Alan Green’s critcism of Fulham during their 3-0 defeat at Old Trafford earlier in the season. It’s a fair point Hodgson makes. The media – and, for our part, the fans, too – are ridiculously fickle. One bad result and the pressure’s on. Losing twice against the English, European and world champions does not constitute a crisis.

Hodgson certainly knows that a win would be rapturously received by the fans.

Yes it is one which would have echoes throughout English football but it is one which would certainly have echoes within the community of Fulham