Drip, drip, drip. Does this mean that the talks over a new contract aren’t going well? Or was it just a throwaway remark?

I have never heard anything concrete [about interest from other sides]. I have been asked about the speculation many times in the past, but it is not worth thinking about something that may not be real. Besides, it is better to be an important part of a slightly smaller club than to become lost at a big club.

That [joining one of the ‘bigger clubs’] is hypothetical. Of course, everyone wants to win trophies. If a big club wanted me to join as one of their three centre backs, I would consider it as and when they approached me.

Does this other comment on European qualification hint at a lack of ambition?

We have a chance of getting into the Uefa Cup, yes, but we are not talking about that within the club. European football is just not something that is associated with Fulham. I think most of us will just be happy to stay in the top half.

Nobody needs me to tell them that losing Hangeland would be a massive blow.