Chopper has the story of how Fulham stopped Roy Hodgson from talking to Radio Five Live after our defeat at Old Trafford on Wednesday night in protest at Alan Green’s commentary.

I couldn’t get up to Manchester in midweek (like a fair few others I should imagine) and so had to make do with the radio and a dodgy internet stream. Green infuriated me and any other Fulham fans listening by informing the listeners that Fulham were still at 0-0 after just 25 seconds. While I understand that it was unlikely that the scoreline would stay the same and that United are, by some distance, the best side in the land, a little more consideration would have been appropriate.

When I was younger, I was a fan of Green. He didn’t seem to take any nonense and had the right balance of description and opinion. I’ve even still got his autobiography somewhere at home. It’s an interesting read. But lately he seems to be revelling in his angry persona. The much considered commentaries of John Murray and Ian Dennis, as well as the excellent Mike Ingham, are much more to my taste now.

Those of you who have followed us at since the beginning will know that we’ve often clashed with the club and Sarah Brooks. On this one she’s 100 per cent right:

We always co-operate with the media and never complain about fair criticism. But Alan Green’s comments about Fulham appalled some of our fans, who made their views known on the message boards or contacted me during the game.

I also listened to some of his commentary myself and remarks like ‘Fulham should not have bothered to turn up’ were insulting. In those circumstances, I didn’t feel it appropriate for Five Live to speak to our manager.