Setanta has the goals from last night here.

A few things I noticed.

The highlights don’t show how meekly we gave away possession for the Swansea goal but they do show Pantsil backing off Mark Gower alarmingly. He leaves both Hughes and Hangeland too much to do to prevent Scotland from getting away his shot, which looks to be scuffed but still beats Schwarzer.

The header from Dempsey is as good as I thought it was. The boy’s got a habit of scoring some crucial goals – especially in the air – and still our opponents don’t seem to pick him up. He seemed to have a free reign to run at that ball and head into the corner.

And finally, what a sublime bit of skill from Simon Davies to help him get past his man and whip in a cross. Fine header from Bobby Zamora (or Lefal as he is now less ironically known). Apparently, a few people are upset by his angry celebration. If you ask me, he can be as angry as he wants if he keeps going – he can even pick me out in the Hammersmith End for a sweary tirade if it makes him happy.