Hot on the heels of Middlesbrough’s unbelievable safety officer comes more buffoonry from the ‘greatest league in the world’. Net Result, the Premier League’s legal eagles, have written to The Offside, one of America’s foremost soccer blogs, demanding that they cease in using club crests on their blogs. Have a look at the letter here.

You do wonder if the Premier League knows just how ridiculous this makes them seem. We’ve already had the crazy concept that they are the sole owners of their fixture lists and the Football League have gone lawsuit crazy on anyone who bravely publishes their club’s fixtures. The Offside independently went ahead and contacted Hull City asking if they could use their badge – and Hull responded in the affirmative. Well played the Tigers.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t a commercial website raking in the money, but a collection of individual blogs by the fans. The game’s gone so far away from its routes as the people’s passtime it’s absolutely laughable. It’s very easy to argue that this is just another example of how the Premier League suits just don’t get the internet.

The idea that you could use some spoofs of club’s badges has produced some brilliant results.