Rich has been playing with the chalkboards again over at CCN.

His latest board is a pictorial demonstration what we lost when Chris Baird went off injured at half time this afternoon. I must admit I wasn’t expecting our replacement right-back to be quite so keen to get forward when I saw his name on the teamsheet. His passing was excellent and his emergence as more than a bit-part player this season – having been last term’s scapegoat – must owe quite a bit to Roy Hodgson’s coaching.

Stoor struggled when he came on after half time. Rich has highlighted his poor distribution and plenty have commented on the fact that they expected a Swedish international to be much better than he has been.

I’d make a few points in response. First, it is very difficult to pick up the pace of a game – particularly one as pulsating as the one at the Emirates this afternoon – when coming on as a substitute. Second, he didn’t make any defensive blunders and coped admirably with the threat of Arshavin on his flank.

Finally, Stoor’s first team experiences this season have mainly been watching John Panstil from the bench. He has had sporadic starts in the Cup competitions but, in order to reach the form that has seen him represent Sweden, he would probably need a run in the side.

In short, Frederik Stoor deserves a bit more time.