New French midfielder Olivier Dacourt has revealed his reasons for joining the Whites.

The fact that Milan is easily reachable by plane from London was a key factor and Roy Hodgson’s strong relationship with Inter helped smooth the deal.

He also disclosed that this was very much a last-minute move.

I had no idea that I was going to sign with Fulham until last Saturday, it was a very last-day decision that I made.

The fact that I will be playing in London is very important for me and massively influenced my decision to join Fulham because I left my family in Milan. My kids are going to school in Milan, and going there to see them is easy when you’re living in London.

The manager called me and his words convinced me to choose Fulham. I must tell you that his good relationship with Inter made a difference, because they like him down there, and they have agreed to pay a part of my wages.

Not surprisingly (even if Setanta feel they’ve got a bit of an exclusive on this point), Dacourt has refused to accept the idea that he might be a replacement for Jimmy Bullard.

No. I’m not here to replace anybody, I’m just here to play as well as I can and enjoy my time at the club.

I have a four-month deal here and what I want to do is have fun without thinking of anything other than football. I know some players here, the former Everton striker Andy Johnson, Simon Davies and Danny Murphy.

I’m here to play and to accept his (Hodgson’s) choices, and we will see what the future holds for me at the end of the season.

He’s still up for the challenge of the Premier League, mind you.

It’s a change, not a massive one, because I’ve already been there and done that, for four years. Do I still want it? More than ever, more than ever.

After not playing for so long I have a huge motivation to express myself on the pitch.