The Daily Express is reporting that Roy Hodgson remains non-plussed by and resistant to the idea of Rangers taking Chris Baird off our hands.

I haven’t heard anything from Rangers.

There is a lot of speculation at this time and I don’t know if people are putting two and two together and coming up with four or five.

I don’t know if Rangers have an interest in Chris but all I can say is that he is a quality player and I would be loathe to lose him.

How many football managers do you know who would use the word loathe instead of mouthing the usual platitudes? Every day, I’m happier and happier that Roy’s at the helm of our club.

It might be worthing taping the last sentence of that quote to the back of the Hammersmith End to remind the fans just how important the much-maligned Baird is to us. Perhaps Roy’s insistence that Baird ‘is a quality player’ might stop our moronic minority from booing his introduction and every touch.