Is number 13 lucky or unlucky? I say the former but that’s only because I was born very premature on that day in December and lived to tell the tale.

The reason I ask is that’s the ball number Fulham have been assigned for the fifth round FA Cup draw. The full list is as follows:

1. Liverpool or Everton

2. Manchester United

3. Hull City

4. Sunderland or Blackburn Rovers

5. West Ham United

6. Sheffield United

7. Cardiff City or Arsenal

8. Swansea City

9. Chelsea

10. Doncaster Rovers or Aston Villa

11. West Bromwich Albion or Burnley

12. Coventry City

13. Fulham

14. Watford

15. Derby County or Nottingham Forest

16. Middlesbrough

It reads like a very strong list of potential opponents. Will we get one of the big boys? What odds a quick reunion with Jimmy Bullard? Or a return to the Cottage for Chris Coleman?