Part of me feels better now that this whole sorry business has come to a close. I’m not going to pretend that it’s a satisfactory conclusion – we’d all have been a lot happier had he stayed – but it’s clear that the whole thing was having a bit of a negative effect on the team.

I can’t really disagree with the decision to sell Bullard on reflection. Paying a player (however effective) £45,000 a week for four and a half years when he’s had a history of serious injury problems should not have been an option for me. Good luck to Jimmy, he’s got the deal he wanted and some decent foishing to boot but he’s kissed goodbye that happy-go-lucky image of the cheeky chappie who’s a different type of footballer.

The most worrying thing about the transfer is the timing. Roy’s comments suggest that we might not be signing a direct replacement – which might be a mistake. It might convince Leon Andreasen to stay (I’m still one of the many Fulham fans who thinks he’s a better option than Etuhu in midfield) and perhaps Danny Murphy will get to reprise his attacking midfield role which brought him such great success at Liverpool. Maybe, the highly-rated Wayne Brown might be able to add to his impressive debut last year.

It would be remiss of me not to pass on the first suggestion of a chant for March 4th, texted to me by a friend. To the tune of the Rio Ferdinand song sung by FC United fans, it goes like this:

I don’t care about Jimmy,

He’s doesn’t care about me,

All care about is Fulham FC.