Meant to link to this interview with Bobby Zamora by Glenn Moore. I’ve always liked Moore, ever since we briefly took the Independent in the 90s.

The debate about Zamora’s contribution will doubtless continue after he drew a blank today. But I have to agree with him (and the Indy’s sub editor) because today his all-round performance was outstanding. He was strong, always available, made the goal with a lovely piece of skill and hassled Dunne and Ben-Haim all afternoon.

He made some interesting observations as well:

There are other parts of my game which have been good, which I’ve been pleased with, holding the ball up, putting a lot of work in on the defensive stuff.

Talking about that defensive stuff – Bobby and Johnson obviously have clear instructions about defending from the front.

Myself and AJ know exactly where we have to be when the opposition have got the ball. It helps and it shows in the record. If we two lads at the front were just to let our opponents do what they want to do, I’m sure we would let a few more goals in.

Some nice words about Roy Hodgson too.

He knows exactly what he wants. He’s a bit Jekyll and Hyde. He gets his point across firmly but he’s not a shouter, he praises you when you’ve done well.