Spotted this on my first visit to the Offal Messageboard in ages. It’s still a childish waste of time (with the main disagreements being between English posters and Americans – are we still back in the late 18th Century? And don’t we all support the same side?), but this awards idea looked like fun.

I’ve done it without looking at any of the responses to avoid being unduly influenced. If you’ve read this, you obviously won’t have that luxury but if you fancy letting me know what you think then the comments box is your friend.


Player Of The Year 2008: Brede Hangeland
Runner-Up (your 2nd choice): Clint Dempsey
Young Player Of The Year (Under 23 and has played for the first team in ’08): Wayne Brown, but I think he’s the only one.
Most Improved Player: Aaron Hughes.
Fulham MVP: Bit of an Americanism, but it has be Hangeland. 
Best New Signing (purchased since 1st January 2008): Hangeland.
Worst New Signing: Jari Litmanen.
Best £ for £ Value Purchase This Year: John Pantsil, which would have been unbelievable had you believed the things you read when he signed.
Best Young Prospect: Adams Watts – I’ve been hearing great things about him.
Your Favourite Current Fulham player: Clint Dempsey. For his hard work, perserverance and undoubted talent.
Most Overrated Fulham Player: I don’t think anybody’s all that overrated to be honest. Maybe Bullard by some, but I wouldn’t want to diminish his importance to the team. 
Most Invisible Fulham Player: Would have been Lee Cook, but Aaron Hughes does everything quietly and efficiently.
Hardest Working Fulham Player: Andy Johnson. Runs all day and doesn’t complain.
Laziest Fulham Player: Seol. Sometimes doesn’t look interested.
Luckiest Fulham Player: I was confused by this question. Pantsil – only for not being sent off at Stoke.
Most Skillful Fulham Player: Dempsey. Some of his tricks are sensational. 
Most Underrated Fulham Player: Hughes. Some people only seem to notice him when he makes a mistake.
Most Disappointing Player: Gera by a country mile so far.


Best Home Performance: Arsenal at home. Didn’t expect us to get anything out of that.
Worst Home Performance: Sunderland, last season. Didn’t turn up which was so disappointing. Walked away from the ground preparing for life in the Championship.
Best Away Performance: Reading last season. So good and so unexpected.

Worst Away Performance: So many to choose from. Newcastle perhaps?

Most Disappointing Performance: Probably Sunderland at home last season because I’d spent all week telling myself we could beat them and drag ourselves out of trouble.
Best Home Goal: Zamora against Bolton – a wonder strike. Although for sheer emotional value, the Dempsey header runs it close. 
Best Away Goal: Kamara’s second at Man City. A wonderful ball through by Murphy and a great, unpanicked finish. 
Most Emotional Game: City away had it all. Portsmouth on the last day for the sheer agony we all went through.
Best Individual Performance: Kamara at Man City. Came off the bench and paid back that £6m all at once for me. Not to mention Hangeland’s outstanding displays would be remiss though. 
Worst Individual Performance: Our midfield seemed to go missing at Newcastle.
Player Comeback Of The Year: Jimmy Bullard for coming back from that horrible injury. And, of course, McBride who many pundits thought wouldn’t play again.
Best Moment Of The Year: The final whistle at Portsmouth.
Worst Moment Of The Year: After Sunderland at home last season, when I thought we were down.


Best Visiting Fans: Portsmouth are always good value, although United make a lot of noise and our original.
Worst Visting Fans: Chelsea. Do I need to say any more?
Best Away Goal At The Cottage: Chopra’s goal last season was a bit tasty. Thought Campbell took his goal for Spurs well. 
Best Opposition Performance At The Cottage: United looked awesome when they played us off the park. 
Best Opposition Performance At Their Ground: Newcastle looked pretty good for a side that were supposed to be in trouble.
Best Away Trip of 2008: Has to be Reading.
Best Fans Away From Home: Didn’t do too many aways but, according to Jack, Hull were pretty good. 
Best Opposition Chant: ‘Crossbar for England!’ by the Reading fans was a pretty good riposte to our crossbar chant.


Best Home Game Atmosphere: Thought the Chelsea atmosphere a couple of days ago wasn’t bad.
Best Away Game Atmosphere: Didn’t do too many aways so I couldn’t really say.
Best Chant At The Cottage: The Jimmy Bullard song because I love it when everyone sings it with gusto. 
Best Chant On The Road: The crossbar chant at Reading or the Intertoto song which never fails to raise a smile.


Top Tactical Masterstroke: Bringing on Dio at Man City.
Best Substitution: See above.
Boardroom Decision Of The Year: Bringing in Roy Hodgson. Whoever suggested that should get a pay rise.
Best Rumour: That Tigana and John Collins would be our managerial dream team.
Most ‘Fulhamish’ Thing Of The Year: Confounding all the expectations by staying up despite hardly playing until the spring.
Fulham Quote Of The Year: Brede Hangeland: ‘I love this club’.
Best Bit Of Fulham News This Year: That Hangeland wants to stay.
Best Referee: Howard Webb, because he’s the best we’ve got, which isn’t saying much.
Favourite Memory Of The Year: The win at Portsmouth.


Where Do You Think We Will Finish This Season: 12th.
Where Will We Get To In The FA Cup: Think we might get beaten at the weekend.
What One Change Would You Like To See At Fulham In 2009: Getting rid of the neutral end, because our recent crowds suggest we could fill the Cottage without it and thereby improve the atmosphere.