There’s a bit of angst in Yorkshire as Fulham apparently turned down Sheffield Wednesday’s request to lower the tickets prices for our third round FA Cup tie in January. So, instead of charging £10 to get in, it will be £15 – which doesn’t sound too steep to me (and I’m still looking for a permanent job at the moment).

The Wednesday official statement appears to lay the blame pretty heavily at our door but I’m siding with Fulham, predictably enough for a Fulham site I guess. Some on TIFF have suggested that we should be responsible citizens for the game and follow Wednesday’s lead and I’m not against that in principle. But £15 is hardly daylight robbery is it? I doubt it will stop that many of our loyal away following from travelling and plenty of the ‘old guard’ are already planning their travel as they see this as a good day out. Besides, it’s not so prohibitively priced that the locals can moan about being priced out of seeing a Premiership side, even if they do still see us as little old Fulham.

Lee Cook looks like he’s going back to QPR. The invisible man, who never even made a first-team appearance for us, seems to have done enough to impress new R’s boss Paolo Sousa. But what’s this? Only £850,000? It’s better than nothing I suppose – and we were never going to recoup the £2m or so that Lawrie Sanchez paid for him. Good riddance if you ask me.

More news from abroad now. Collins John made his second appearance for NEC last night in the UEFA Cup and it might not be too much of an exaggeration to say he changed the game. Our sister were a goal down against Sparktak Moscow with ten minutes to play, but John set up the Dutch side’s equaliser and they scored a late winner to complete a famous comeback.