Fulham manager Roy Hodgson is ‘happy’ with his squad and for that reason is reluctant to see any of his players leave in the approaching transfer window.

The much-travelled Hodgson achieved his first objective last season by keeping the West London club in the top flight, and they are now enjoying a berth in mid-table although this is can quickly change due to the congested nature of The Premier League table.

There seems to be little wrong with the Fulham defence having conceded just one goal in their last four outings although scoring goals in recent times has been a struggle.

“We’ve got a good Club here and the makings of a good team and it’s not in our interest to let players go so we’ll be trying desperately to hang onto the good players we’ve got.”

“I would certainly be very happy if it [transfer window] passed without any activity out of Fulham.”

“We haven’t had any serious dicusssions on that subject at the moment so what our exact situation will be in January I couldn’t comment on. “

“Certainly, I would be prepared to say that if we could keep this group of players together, and it wasn’t possible to do any business in the transfer market, I wouldn’t be too disheartened because I think the players I’ve got and the squad I’ve got is good enough to achieve our goals.”