It will be lost in all the Bullard hysteria – however unfounded it seems – but at today’s press conference Roy Hodgson was quite clear that all the speculation we’ve read about Tore Reginuiussen is just Norwegian paper talk.

Tromso had claimed that our chief executive had contacted them to get an idea of the central defender’s availability, but Hodgson has stated that no approach has been made.

Tromso are anxious to sell the player and the more clubs they can link with the player, the higher they think his market value will be. I’m not prepared to play along in those games unfortunately. If the day ever comes when we’re interested in a Norwegian player – we will contact the club and make them an offer. We haven’t made an offer and we haven’t received an offer.

It is quotes like this that make me delighted that we’ve got somebody like Roy in charge of our club. He’s sensible, he knows the game and plays it by the book. If he says we haven’t made contact with Tromso, then I believe him. We obviously want a centre back as back-up to Hangeland and Hughes, who have been brilliant as partnership so far, but Roy’s got his targets and we’ll see who he brings in.