You can see that the Bullard saga is going to be our version of the Ronaldo-to-Madrid story in this transfer window. You won’t be able to glance at the headlines without a suggestion that he’s off to another club.

The Daily Mirror links him quite heavily to Bolton this morning. It isn’t surprising that Premier League clubs would want Bullard in their side, but as I speculated after Saturday’s game, anyone who wants to prise him away from our clutches before his contract is up in eighteen months is going to have to, in the words of Jerry Maguire, show us the money. Gary Megson obviously wants to negotiate the price but I’d be very surprised if Jimmy ends up at the Reebok for two reasons.

Firstly, Jimmy’s already left the north west once after a very successful spell at Wigan. If he was going to return, it would be to one of the top sides, although I fail to see the likes of Liverpool or Manchester United – who would be able to justify paying big money in both a transfer fee and wages – coming in for him. Secondly, I’m not sure a luxury player like Bullard would fit into Bolton’s legendary no frills style. The reason he’s so effective with us is that he’s given the opportunity to express himself.

This article highlights how absurd modern football is. Bullard is rumoured to want £65,000 a week – which is about £15,000 more than I’d heard previously. If somebody like Jimmy, who I love very much, wants £65,000 a week when he’s in his 30s, has just recovered from a career-threatening injury and has yet to win an England cap despite gracing two squads with his very distinct presence.