Some more silly season news for you this evening. The latest rumour buzzing around the internet is that we are now actively pursuing Tore Reginiussen.

The story has been covered in the Norwegian press but that’s the best link I can find in English. Apparently, we both emailed and phoned Tromso to ask about his availability. That does sound a little excessive. Surely one or the other would have done the trick? All that ignores the question of how a reporter would know who the club have got on redial.

Regiuniussen had a trial last month with Blackburn and I’d be wary of signing a player who wasn’t deemed worth pursuing by a side who are currently in the relegation zone. Perhaps Roy can get a little more out of him than other managers. Mind you, centre back is one of the areas where we desperately need reinforcements. What does trouble me is that the reporter from Soccer Voice – yes, I’m being charitable tonight – reckons we’d have to pay a £20m transfer fee. £20m? Are you sure? The exchange rate must have gone to pot during the recession!