Some great quotes from Roy that you may have missed yesterday.

We’d already established that Paul Konchesky to Blackburn was merely paper talk, even though the Daily Mail had pretty much assumed it was a done deal (giving it a 3/5 Insider’s Rating, whatever that means).

Roy was on good form.

“I have no idea where that story has come from,” he said.

“No-one has approached us about Paul Konchesky because it is pretty obvious to everyone we are not interested in the slightest bit about selling Paul Konchesky.

“And if I was Paul Konchesky, I would be very sad to see my name linked with a £2m transfer when I am a player who is worth a lot more than that.

“God only knows where that has come from. There must be a reason for it. Someone must have an agenda and is using Paul’s name to further it.

“Paul Konchesky is not for sale. He is our star left back.”

And as we suspected there won’t be a move for Walter Pandiani, either.

His name has never even been mentioned in the eight months I have been at this club.

“To be perfectly honest, I had forgotten he existed. I have no idea where he plays.

“We have no intention of signing another striker.”