Lee Cook’s woes last season go all the way back to a botched operation – that, and his one-and-only selection as a Fulham player.

The popularly-held belief was the QPR winger was desperate to play in the friendly between his old and new clubs in August, 2007.

Cook, back on a year-long loan from Fulham, begs to differ.

In fact, if it hadn’t been for an injury to a Fulham player – he’s forgotten who – Cook might not have been in the mess that caused him to miss most of the season.

He said: “I was asked by Lawrie Sanchez (then Fulham boss) if I was alright to play- and I said yes. It wasn’t me going to him and saying: ‘please gaffer, I really want to play against QPR.’

“I felt my knee after the game but thought it was all part of the rehabilitation after my knee operation.”

Sadly, it wasn’t.

In fact, it was a lump of unwanted cartilage that should have been removed first time, and only got to a second surgeon’s bin one more operation down the line.

However, Cook feels that’s all behind him.

“I don’t blame anyone, but I’m now as fit as I’ve ever been.”