Lawrie Sanchez is taking Fulham to the managers’ arbitration tribunal because he claims they have not paid off his contract after he was sacked in December.

“People think when you’ve been sacked you’re paid off and everything is OK,” he told The Sun.

“But it doesn’t work like that. One day a club sacks you and they say, ‘Take us to court and sue us, see if you can get the money’.

“They know after a certain amount of time some managers will have to settled foir a figure nowhere near what the contract is worth.

“I’ve not been paid a penny since I left Fulham. My healthcare has been cut off and I’ve had to drag them to the tribunal.

“It’s demeaning for me and should also be for Fulham. Clubs wouldn’t dream of cutting a player’s contract short but it’s part and parcel of life for managers, es[ecially in the lower leagues.”