Daniel Cousin is almost certain to be omitted from Rangers’ Uefa Cup game at home to Panathinaikos tonight, with Fifa due to announce this afternoon whether the striker can make a £3m move to Fulham.

Cousin has already played for two clubs this season and Fifa will decide whether to waive its regulations and allow him to appear for a third. The Rangers manager, Walter Smith, has admitted his preparations for tonight’s game would be severely hampered if he included Cousin only to hear that the Gabon international was on his way to Craven Cottage.

“The situation is awkward but it has been awkward from the start,” he said of a three-week saga. “He is ready to play but if we were considering using him and then found out at three o’clock that he had been transferred to Fulham, that would be very awkward for us. The problem is the timing and not knowing which way the decision will go.”