Fulham’s Roy Hodgson says the search for players will extend beyond Europe – but they must be special.

The club has been linked with several players in recent weeks and Hodgson accepts this as par for the course during the transfer window.

But he revealed that any incoming players will have to meet a strict criteria before being considered as a target.

Hodgson said: “I’m not prepared to make any statements whatsoever as to the truth of the suggestions, but it’s nice we’re being linked to good quality players anyway.

“I’m pleased about that but we of course like all clubs will do whatever business we think we can do and we’ll do it as discreetly as we can. We accept the fact that our name will be linked and long may it be linked with the best.

“We’re quite content to take good players from any part of Europe or even outside of Europe if they match the criteria we have at the club but the most important thing for me is to bring players into the club who are good enough, experienced and confident enough to take their place almost straight away in the team.

“It needs to be a special type of player who can do that.”