Living in England and going regularly to Fulham games, I often get requests for tickets and programmes from readers of this site and friends who follow Fulham from overseas. For the record, whilst I can help you out with tickets from time to time, I’m not as likely to be successful as when I had a season ticket – hopefully, I’ll have another one this time next year once my education is over and done with.

I have, however, come across this site, which might help people track down copies of Fulham programmes. They stock programmes from both the home and away games and generally are available at a reasonable price with postage and packing. They also stock copies of TOOFIF, the outstanding Fulham fanzine, and have a few early copies of FulTime, the club’s magazine that’s mailed out to season ticket holders and supporters. So, if you’re missing your Fulham fix, this might be a good place to start – especially with Christmas coming up. A programme from the draw against Chelsea probably would go down well. Oh, damn, my mum’s probably not reading this.