Given that I enjoy following all the Fulham sides, I just thought it would be appropriate to update our readers on the progress of the Fulham Ladies. You may remember that when Mr. Al Fayed took over at Fulham, the ladies quickly turned professional and became one of the top sides in the land. Sadly, they were disbanded by Fulham around a year and a half ago, lost their professional status as well as their star players and were relegated from the National Division with just five points to their name.

Well, now, in a remarkable turnaround, and with early season form to rival that of the Tigana promotion-winning side, they have recorded nine straight wins including Sunday’s 3-0 victory over Team Bath. As you can imagine, running a football team is financially exhausting and they are working on a shoestring budget – so if you can put your hands in your pocket to help them out or just want to turn up and watch a game, please let them know.

¬†For more information, please feel free to visit the team’s website.