A new quarterly football magazine has seen the light of day in the UK. It is, however nothing like the glossy, soulless publications like 4-4-2 or GOAL, nor is it a sarcastic fans perspective like “When Saturday Comes”. No this new magazine, named BackPass Magazine, focuses on football in the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s. Have a look at their official website if you’d like to find out more.


The reserves were in action last night, and thanks to Chopper at the Hammy End Chronicle Smertin is located. The missing Russian started the game and played for 70 minutes and was apparently influential in his own way. Volzy was also back on the pitch and the offal described his game like this: “It was a pleasing sign for Whites fans to see Moritz Volz back on the pitch playing and a lot of what was good about Fulham in the first half was coming from him, both from a defensive and attacking point of view.” – Baird at right back anyone?


Sanchez keeps on making a fool of himself trying to pick verbal fights with the refs of the premiership. He goes on and on about “top of the table after 80 minutes” and most other quotes in the media seems more directed towards the board to give him more time than that he actually understands the problem and is willing to change. Hopefully he realises what is important soon and turns things around.

There’s an interesting discussion going on at The Fulham Independent regarding our manager history for the last ten years and how much time that a manager should be given. The board of directors are also getting some criticism for their lack of ability to understand the implications of appointing a certain type of manager.


Some transfer rumours ahead of the transfer window (various sources).

Rumoured in:

Dario Simic – Defender – AC Milan

Kyle LaffertyStriker – Burnley

Tulio de Melo – Striker – Le Mans

Danijel Ljuboja – Striker – Stuttgart

Heinz Muller – Keeper – Barnsley

Marcus Hahnemann – Keeper – Reading

Jürgen Macho – Keeper – AEK Athens

Rumoured out:

Philippe Christanval – Defender – Juventus


Yet another Fulham blog has popped up, the latest addition is called White Lines. Looks promising!