It is no surprise to anyone who has seen Fulham play this season that we have quite a few worries in terms of structure and stability. At the beginning of the season we had a huge problem in the back four, but it seems like Sanchez now have put together a defensive line that’s not entirely poor. Granted, they are not the fastest defenders seen in the premiership but at least they have given some (I repeat some) stability at the back with Anti Niemi who has been on fire lately.

Upfront we still miss the influential Brian McBride, who will be out for at least another month, to act as a target man. Shefki Kuqi has tried to fill his shoes, but to be honest he’s not even close. Kamara has also been tried as a target man, but his main qualities as a striker is his pace and he has shown, time and time again that he is best if plays just behind the other striker. Come to think of it, he resembles the playing style of David Healey slightly. Neither of them are target players though; they are more of traditional “foxes in the box”. Unless we get Brian back soon, or a good replacement in Januarys transfer window we must drop the long ball game all together.

What amazes me is that Sanchez has brought in quite a few new players that have decent technique and a fair amount of flair. Most of them, besides Kamara, Bouazza and Healey, are not players with a lot of pace. Still, he persists to coach a long ball style of play. Why?

With the current squad, we must start hand play the game as it is supposed to. Not resort to long ball, underdog and mid-70’s horrible hoofing type of football.

Back to the header of this text.

As I said initially I think our defense is looking a lot better recently and might still becoming better with time (I still want Volz at RB). The forwards are all good players but we’re not providing them with the right passes or support in attacking numbers. To sort this out we need Brian (or similar) back or adjust our style of play. This leaves us with the midfield.

All first team midfielders included, we have the following to chose from when fit: Ki-Hyeon, Smertin, Davis, Cook, Bullard, Bouazza, Davies, Murphy, Elliot and Dempsey. Not one of them is a very physical player, all of them are players rather than fighters. Who is supposed to be the “evil” one in central midfield? I never thought I’d say this but at the moment I miss Michael Brown.

The team is made up of small players. We really need to mix this up with some physique and “no nonsense”-mentality in central midfield. Someone like Brown, Barry, Savage, Parker, Wise, Viera, Makelele, Gattuso and the list goes on and on. The closest we come to a terrier in midfield these days is probably Volz if he could play like he did last season when he had to fill in at the central midfield.

The only one that I think we could afford (might be very expensive still) and sign in January is our old player Sean Davis. Not sure if Pompey are willing to let him go considering his fine form the last few months, but at least there was mutual interest for a deal a few months back.

What do you think? Do you agree or am I just wrong in your opinion?

My answer to the question at the top is a midfield, from January onwards, like this: