There were those who called Clint Dempsey arrogant and other things when he signed for Fulham in January.

In the unlikely event that anybody still holds such an opinion, have a look at a couple of things. Firstly, there’s this interview in today’s Guardian proving that the Texan’s had it tough and solving the mystery that has been mentioned at CCN and elsewhere as to why he points skywards after scoring. Then, take a look at him fooling around with some South African kids during the USA’s recent trip to the World Cup 2010 hosts. Could you imagine some of our England heroes doing the same thing?

He’s fast become probably my favourite player in the current side (aside from the injured Brian McBride, of course). There’s something about Dempsey that just tells you he’ll produce something special during the course of the ninety minutes. His triumph over adversity only serves for me to like him even more.