Normally I rarely would drink alone besides a beer or two at home. Tonight is a bit different though. When Jones scored the equaliser I went to the bar cabinet and opened a fresh bottle of 12 year old Dalmore. Now I’m feeling a bit drunk after having a few glass of the brown nectar. Not sure if the alcohol has anything to do with it, but I just feel the urge to get my disappointment out of my system.

Like I wrote earlier tonight on a message board, why didn’t I get hooked on modern jazz ballet instead of football? It would surely have saved me from many days of misery and pain. I realise that one of the great things of being a football fan in the strong emotions involved, but when the emotions are negative week in and week out it gets a bit too much to handle sometimes.

I guess I only have myself to blame after having said in the 77th minute on the FFC Sweden forum that it would be extremely “Fulhamish” if we would concede in over time to ten men. It wasn’t over time, but bad enough. I need to learn to “shut the f**k up”.

This season is turning out to be a long list of poor luck, bad refereeing, abysmal performances, an injury list longer than the private parts of John Holmes, strange team selections, poor match coaching and a total lack of team spirit when it gets a bit tough.

I guess the most debated topic among fellow fans right now is what we should do about Sanchez. Should he get a few more games, should he get the boot right here right now or should he get the whole season to prove himself? Well, I don’t know! If it was just a case of getting rid of the former member of the “crazy gang” I’d say fire him NOW! But we need a contingency plan before that happens.

Thanks to Spurs getting rid of their most successful manager in their premiership history gives us an opportunity to go after Martin Jol. Question is, would he be interested in working for Fulham? Secondly, could we afford him? Other options would be harder to pursue and also more of a gamble. The likes of John Collins, Mickey Adams et al are all good bets for the future, but they have, like Sanchez, yet to prove themselves at higher levels.

As I have stated before, and still stand by, I don’t want Fulham turned into one of these southern European clubs who goes though a couple of managers per season, I want consistency. And despite the fact that I don’t rate Sanchez at this point of time, it is still his team when bringing in all these new faces during the summer transfer window. Somehow, it seems like we can’t afford him not to continue at this point (unless Jol would like to come to SW6).

It’s time to let go of the depressing feelings, refill my drinks and pop a good DVD on that will take my mind of this horrible let down. I’ll be back tomorrow!