As I wrote some time ago I’m travelling and trying to get into my new so unfortunately the blog might suffer. As you can tell, it has with me being on the road for almost two weeks and Daniel having internet access problems.

Well, just wanted to make a quick update before I leave for Brussels, and then onto a weekend in Switzerland (and obviously Vaduz, Lichtenstein) for the European qualifier against the tiny alp country.

Then I’m off to Cambridge for a week before joining my dad and some friends in The Golden Lion next Saturday. Just read that Derby has lost all games on the road so far and have a goal difference of 0-19, so if we don’t win that one I’m afraid we’ll join the Championship in the spring 🙁

Also, the trip to Liverpool is now definite. Flights, Hotel and a mini-bus are sorted. We seem to be a good group of people going up together. Looking forward to it!

Until next time!