It seems like more people than ”Kyle”, who commented yesterdays post, get the impression that I, in a way, blame Les Reed for the tactical shortcomings we are seeing in the team currently. I apologise if I gave that impression in my text as well as in a few posts on the messageboard on FFC

I do however not feel confident with Reed as Sanchez number two. This is more due to me believing that he is not the right man to complete Sanchez in terms of tactical shrewdness and analytical skills. I might be wrong, very wrong, but at the moment I don’t think we can afford to sack Sanchez and find a caretaker for the club. I don’t want Fulham to turn into one of these clubs that goes through 7 managers in 5 years or so, I believe consistency is key for success. As previously stated I opposed to Sanchez from the start, but now he’s a FFC employee and will have my backing (for the moment, even I am getting fed up). In order not to disrupt a squad, very low on morale, I think we should try the same trick as WGDTFC recently did. Lex Avram, so to speak. The board shows their appointed coach that they are behind him, identify his shortcomings and brings in a numbers two who completes the head coach.

Should we (the board) eventually decide it is time for Sanchez to get the boot we need to employ either a very competent manager from abroad who can take the team further in terms of footballing skills and tactics. If there isn’t one available that we can afford, or who would like to come to work for Fulham FC I think we need to look at the likes of Mickey Adams, Richard Money and John Collins. All well connected to the club, more or less up coming managers (not necessarily very young) and have a clear idea of how they want to play the game. Or maybe a combination of let’s say Micky Adams as head coach and John Collins his number two.

I really hate these situations; you are frustrated that the team you love doesn’t perform. And there isn’t much you can do about it.