Maybe we should ask the question, has he ever had a clue?

After having seen Sanchez bringing in quite a few new players and some names that are fairly impressive in my book I have to say that if we can’t perform with the current squad we have a management problem. Granted, Sanchez has had some bad luck when it comes to injuries so far but mainly I think most people agrees that we have seen some rather horrible team selections and changes being made so far this season.

I have seen all but the games versus Bolton (in league and cup) on telly this season and entered Craven Cottage for the first time since the spring on Saturday. What a waste of a perfectly fine sunny afternoon. For the first 45 minutes I saw one team not willing to perform and one that wanted to but were too crap to actually deliver anything worth remembering. The first half was actually so poor that I left the Hammy End early in order to find myself a beer for halftime. I extremely rarely leave before the ref announces the break, but this time I did and did miss the red card given to Konchesky. However, everyone I asked said it was a correct decision.

The second half actually looked a bit better from a Fulham point of view. Despite being down to 10 men we played a lot better than the first half and actually came forward a few times. It also seemed that with our boys picking up the pace that inspired the Derby players to do the same. Still it was a dull second half, but not at all as HORRIBLE as the first one.

It is frightening to say, but Derby was actually a lot closer than us to snatch the three points. I think they would have done so if it wasn’t for Anti Niemi who actually looked like the goalkeeper we have seen for the last couple of seasons. No Fulhamish blunders like all our goalies have delivered consistently this season.

I’m starting to get really worried about the situation we have ended up in. At the beginning of the season at least we were playing well but dropping points, but the last to games shows our players completely lacking all confidence. The same two games also indicate, to me, that Sanchez is losing the plot. From a tactics point of view there is hard to actually identify what Sanchez wants his player to do out on the pitch, and I don’t think six changes from one game to another makes the tactics clearer.

C'mon Sanchez, back to basics!Already when there was talk about Sanchez replacing Coleman on a full-time basis I objected to replacing one motivational focused coach with another.  What we need is a tactician to lead the team on match days and not someone who applies “Management by FEAR”. I still hope Sanchez can deliver something for us, but I also hope that he’s not too proud to actually bring in someone with a bit more experience and tactical knowledge very soon.

For the people who sang Chris Colemans name in the Hammy End on Saturday I have only one thing to say. GET REAL!

Fulham: Niemi, Baird, Stefanovic, Hughes, Konchesky, Bouazza, Davis (Davies 69), Murphy, Ki-Hyeon (Bocanegra 46), Kamara (Healy 87), Dempsey.
Subs Not Used: Warner, Smertin.

Sent Off: Konchesky (45).

Derby: Bywater, Mears, Moore, Davis (Barnes 43), McEveley (Griffin 71), Pearson, Oakley, Leacock (Howard 78), Lewis, Fagan, Miller.
Subs Not Used: Jones, Earnshaw.

Booked: Leacock, Fagan.

Att: 22,576

Referee: Phil Dowd (Staffordshire).