According to the official injury list we have to do without the following players:

Brian McBride (knee)

Jimmy Bullard (knee)

Philippe Christanval (knee)

Moritz Volz (groin and shoulder)

Simon Elliot (Achilles)

Ian Peace (ankle)

Lee Cook (knee)

Kasey Keller (arm)

Hameur Bouazza (shoulder)

Paul Konchesky (suspension)

That’s nine (9!) players on the injury list and one suspended. Out of these 10 players I would argue that at least 6 should normally be in our starting eleven. This leads me to ask the question about Fulhams medical staff. We obviously have the case of Lex Carew a few years back, but I doubt many of the people involved back then are still around. What I do find strange is all these ‘freak injuries’ in training and that we get a number of injuries during open play that other teams doesn’t get as often.

This obviously raises the question if we’re playing people who maybe should have been resting or in rehab? If we are, why is that then? Gambling, bad luck, lack of knowledge or just plain ignorance?

According to we only have three players out and they have apparently not updated the site regarding Fulham. Unsure if this applies to more teams, but the teams with the highest number of absentees is Man U and Sunderland with “only” 7 players out. I would say that a club with the depth of Manu in the squad can handle this for a shorter period of time, but the likes of us and Sunderland will suffer badly if this keeps up.

The really strange thing is that we were topping the injury list of the Premiership this time a year ago as well. Bad luck?


The Sunderland Echo has quite an interesting piece on Lawrie Sanchez ahead of this weekends trip to the Stadium of Light.


There has been a Local Resident meeting regarding the future plans for Craven Cottage. Spigs of T-F-I went to the meeting and was kind enough to post a bit of information for the rest of us.

Some points of interest includes:

  • The club feel that they need a minimum of 30K fans for it to become self financing which is the Chairman’s aim. Current capacity is actually 25,500 and not 24,000 odd as often quoted.
  • Ambitions are to become a top 10 club.
  • Riverside walk to be open except on match days. Times etc to be decided
  • Bishops Park gates near Riverside Stand will be erected for egress to avoid post match congestion in Stevenage Road.
  • The club are giving the council £1M over 3 years for specific use on Bishops Park. The council will solely decide on its use and FFC are not involved beyond offering the money. Residents can discuss with councillors what they would like to see.

To read all of what Spigs relayed, and some comments to that click here.


At least one Fulham team is getting the deserved (?) points. Well done Fulham ladies for going top of the table after beating Barnet Women in the local derby.


Portsmouth‘s plans for a new stadium by the sea have been sunk by the Royal Navy. The stadium, which would have jutted into the harbour, cuts into a naval exclusion zone. Pompey are now planning to build a new home on top of a rubbish tip near Port Solent.” – Various sources.

Shouldn’t this has been done years ago when Pompey were still rubbish?


Apparently Wayne Routhledge might be going on loan to Stoke. Has his year with us made him so bad that he can’t even get into a premiership side on loan? Well, my memory is usually quite bad, I realise he’s no Malbranque, but not THAT bad. Or was he?


Right, time to go down the betting office and waste some money, and get my mind into gear before the game.