Fulham have announced further developments for the Craven Cottage stadium and financial support to help with the Council’s efforts to upgrade Bishops Park.

Council approvement has been applied for to allow the club to add an extra 4000 seats and thereby bring capacity up to nearly 30,000.

Other works will be to remove existing executive boxes from the Riverside stand which will allow additional seating, improvements to corporate facilities, improvements to the look of the Riverside stand relative to it’s riverside position and the aim to allow a pedestrian walkway from Putney to Hammersmith.

Executive boxes will then be created in the Johnny Haynes Stand with the help of English Heritage as will the restoration of the “listed” turnstiles.

A previously planned restaurant, at the Hammersmith End, will be completed at the same time as the the other proposed works.

Fulham chairman Mohamed Al-Fayed said in a club statement: Craven Cottage is synonymous with Fulham F.C and it is vital that the Club is given every opportunity to develop the facilities available, to enable it to remain at its home. I am confident that an increased capacity and further improvements to the facilities can help us reach and maintain our business objectives.’